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Expert Product, Customer, and Sales Support.

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Ripcord Support brings structure to your infrastructure

Opportunity happens fast. In order to maximize it, a company must quickly assemble the proper sales, training, and support infrastructure to ensure their success. To meet this need and maximize opportunity, Ripcord Support provides multiple teams of expert, outsourced customer, product, and sales support enabling companies to focus on research and development. When opportunity strikes, Ripcord responds.

Product Support

Ripcord Support provides your customers friendly, expert assistance to quickly resolve any issues during installation and launch.

Sales Support

Ripcord Support creates expert training and sales tools for your team covering product and services, technical sales support and solution design.

Customer Support

Ripcord Support serves as your initial point of contact for all new customers, making on-boarding seamless and easy.

Call (844) 474-7267

Ripcord Support helps companies maximize their opportunities by providing responsive expert support services. Our savvy and experienced team enhances product, customer and sales support experiences by creating a smarter infrastructure to grow your business and brand.

Call (844) 474-7267


We offer B2C and B2B personalized customer and prospect outreach at scale to help you increase sales and grow revenue


Tailored interactive training tools, live training events and educational resources prepare your sales team to be more successful


Friendly expert support helps ensure your customers enjoy a seamless trouble-free experience installing and migrating to products

Product Launch

Proven product management helps customers experience a successful product launch by integrating Marketing, Sales and “Day One” support

Call Center

We deliver customized, flexible support that makes your customers happy and saves you money